Aga Khan University Hospital, Pakistan Launches Second Opinion Service

Karachi (Muhammad Yasir)The Aga Khan University Hospital (AKUH) launched its Second Opinion service platform on Monday, February 12, 2024. With this launch, patients from across Pakistan and around the world will have access to the medical opinions of AKUH doctors, without having to consult them personally.

A second opinion is medical advice taken from a doctor other than the one who made the initial diagnosis or treatment plan for a patient. Patients may seek a second opinion to confirm their diagnosis, get assurance their treatment plan is optimal, explore different treatment options, or simply for peace of mind, especially when dealing with complex diseases.

AKUH’s Second Opinion service, hosted on the AKUH Pakistan website, provides a secure and user-friendly platform for individuals seeking medical opinions from AKUH without requiring a consultation. This technology-powered solution allows patients to access AKUH’s sought-after medical expertise, regardless of their location.

AKUH is a JCI-accredited comprehensive quaternary care hospital offering all services under one roof, with some of the best and most skilled and qualified doctors in the country. Therefore, patients can seek a second opinion on any disease or treatment plan, whether for adults and children. AKUH’s Second Opinion service provides various forms of second opinions, including but not limited to general second opinions, second opinions when surgery is recommended, a review of lab or radiology reports, and much more.

Dr. Farhat Abbas, CEO AKUH Karachi, underscores AKUH’s commitment to enabling informed healthcare decisions, stating, “We are dedicated to empowering individuals worldwide, ensuring access to the exceptional skills and experience of our specialists. I am excited to see the positive impact this service will have on patients dealing with complex medical challenges.”

This service provides a valuable avenue for patients who are confused or are seeking further assurance and is particularly beneficial for those navigating complex medical issues or challenging treatment plans. It offers assurance, clarity, and confidence to patients in making informed decisions about their healthcare. Even if individuals are consulting elsewhere, they can benefit from the exceptional skills and experience of AKUH specialists.

Patients can request a second opinion through a secure and user-friendly online platform hosted on the AKUH website. The process involves creating an account, logging in, providing medical details, and uploading relevant reports. Once received, an AKUH doctor meticulously reviews the case and the reports and within five working days, patients receive a detailed written report, empowering them with actionable insights and informed decision making. For those seeking further consultation, appointments can be conveniently scheduled through the AKUH Concierge Service or Contact Centre.

With the introduction of the Second Opinion service, AKUH continues to pioneer advances in healthcare delivery, allowing patients to make informed decisions and ensuring that quality care is accessible to all, regardless of where they live.