Alternative Lifestyle Festival highlights alternate choices for a sustainable future

Pakistan (Muhammad Yasir)

SEED Ventures, through its What’s The Alternative (WTA) initiative, orchestrated the Alternative Lifestyle Festival in Karachi, Pakistan. The event served as a vibrant platform, uniting individuals in their pursuit of sustainable alternatives and mindful living.

WTA, an inventive platform conceived and run by SEED Ventures, endeavors to create dialogue around the power of conscious choices in our everyday lives and how they impact environment, wellness, and lifestyle. The platform’s objective is to encourage individuals, corporates and society as a whole to reassess what seem as easy choices, and to opt for better alternatives, transforming them into meaningful actions, prompting positive change.

Shaista Ayesha, CEO & Director of SEED Ventures, emphasized, “The Alternative Lifestyle Festival has not only showcased the vitality of sustainable living but has also ignited a collective passion for conscious choices that resonate with our daily lives. As we reflect on the event’s success, it’s clear that festivals like this are essential-they catalyze change, uniting individuals under the common goal of a future where we make conscious choices for a more sustainable lifestyle, and encouraging them to think about alternatives in the choices they make in their everyday lives. This gathering has proven that together, we have the power to inspire and drive meaningful impact in our communities and beyond.”

The panel, “Choices for Change” engaged leaders from across industries: from Hassan Sheheryar Yasin, Designer; to Sadia Dada, Chief Marketing & Communications Officer, K-Electric; Andleeb Uroos Ahmed, Head of Communications, Philip Morris Pakistan Limited; and Sarah Nasiruddin, Co-Founder, Karachi Farmer’s Market.

Hassan touched upon sustainable fashion and its impact on style and the environment; Sadia stressed the adoption of alternative energy for a better future; Uroos shed light on the importance of scientific & technological advancements leading to alternatives that reduce tobacco harm, and Sarah enlightened the audience about the significance of organic food choices.

There was also a fireside chat with Tofiq Pasha Mooraj, Horticulture expert, and Dr Ayesha Mian, CEO & Founder Synapse and a mental well-being expert with extensive experience in academia and capacity building.

The event also featured a composting workshop by Trashit and a healing drum circle for the attendees.