Infinix Unveils E-Color Shift at CES 2024 Revolutionizing Interactive Smartphone Color Transformation

Pakistan (Muhammad Yasir) Infinix, a trendy tech brand crafted for young consumers, today unveils its latest breakthrough technology, E-Color Shift at ShowStoppers CES 2024. E-Color Shift enables mobile phone panels to change and maintain vibrant colors without consuming power. Infinix also highlighted its AirCharge and Extreme-Temp Battery concept devices aimed to revolutionize the mobile industry with the latest and greatest tech. 

“At Infinix, we are committed to providing user-centric solutions to Gen Z consumers worldwide. We are exploring further customization possibilities through a software application, enabling up to 60 customizable areas on the hardware with each area supporting various colors. Users can also personalize their phone’s back cover by displaying time, mood, and other features in a matrix arrangement. This approach allows users to express their individuality and convey distinctive information through unique phone designs, transcending basic color changes. This gives their device a fresh look and feel,” said Liang Zhang, Deputy General Manager, at Infinix Mobility.

Mesmerizing Smartphone Back Panel Customization

Infinix’s E-Color Shift technology, featuring E Ink Prism™ 3, revolutionizes smartphone personalization by enabling extensive customization of the back panel. This technology uses microstructures in which color particles carry positive and negative charges. By applying different voltages, the electric field within the microstructure changes, causing the corresponding color particles to move and display the desired colors. This innovative approach allows the phone’s shell to change ‘skins’ at will, maintaining the display without consuming power.

Unmatched Charging and Performance in All Environments

Infinix showcased its cutting-edge technologies, featuring Infinix AirCharge and the Extreme-Temp Battery at the event. Infinix’s AirCharge employs innovative multi-coil magnetic resonance and adaptive algorithms, facilitating wireless charging up to 20 cm and at 60-degree angles. Ensuring safety with frequencies below 6.78 MHz and delivering 7.5W power, it incorporates protective circuits. This method transcends traditional charging, allowing users to conveniently charge devices under desks during activities like gaming or watching videos.

In partnership with top tech suppliers, Infinix has tackled the problem of mobile phone battery failure in extreme cold by introducing the Extreme-Temp Battery. This innovative battery, incorporating biomimetic electrolyte and fusion solid-state technology in its electrodes, operates seamlessly even in temperatures as low as -40°C. With a charging capability spanning from -40°C to 60°C, the Extreme-Temp Battery ensures dependable performance and endurance in chilly environments, overcoming the common issue of lithium-ion freezing in standard batteries.

Furthermore, Infinix has launched its debut ‘Infinix Carpool Show,’ where prominent tech and lifestyle influencers delve into upcoming mobile charging technologies and experience the innovations firsthand on their way to CES 2024. This series will be unveiled on Infinix’s official global social media platforms in sync with CES week.

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