JCRD Builders and its Partners in Construction

JCRD Builders Corporation is a company engaged in the construction of infrastructure projects. Though a relatively new player in the industry, they have established a presence by undertaking projects of varying scales. The company prioritizes efficient project delivery. Their portfolio showcases a diverse range of completed infrastructure developments, all adhering to established industry standards.


JCRD Builders leverages a network of partners that contribute to their success in diverse areas:

  • Subsidiary and Construction Partners:

MG. A Konstruk Civil Engineering Construction: Expertise in civil engineering projects.

AET Engineering and Construction Services: Providing comprehensive engineering and construction solutions.

Teikoku Tanaka Construction and Development Corporation: A valuable partner in the construction and development sector.

Lidegon Real Estate Services Corporation:Facilitates JCRD Builders’ involvement in real estate ventures.

  • Resources and Financial Services:

Chosen Resources INC.: A trusted provider of resources required for construction projects.

Chailease Berjaya Finance Corp: Offering financial solutions to support JCRD Builders’ endeavors.

Ensuring Smooth Operations:

JCRD Builders understands the significance of a reliable supply chain and efficient logistics network. To this end, they have established partnerships with:

  • Logistics and Equipment Providers:

JAC Motors: A potential supplier of reliable vehicles for transportation needs.

GRIPX Philippines Logistics INC: Aiding in efficient logistics management.

Central World Enterprises: Contributing to the supply chain with essential materials.

  • Tracking Services: Streamlining the monitoring of equipment and supplies.

JARA Scaffolding Construction Supplies:Providing scaffolding and construction supplies.

RATASADA RA Trucking Services and Delivery: Ensuring timely delivery of materials.

Building a Client-Centric Approach:

JCRD Builders’ focus extends beyond internal partnerships. They have established a strong client base, successfully delivering projects for:

Ginebra San Miguel: A testament to JCRD Builders’ capabilities in handling large-scale projects.

Royal Cargo: Highlighting their expertise in catering to diverse industry needs.

American Home: Demonstrating their involvement in residential construction projects.

LF Logistic: A potential example of their work in logistics-related construction.

Papercon Philippines: Showcasing their experience in building facilities for various industries.