PUBG MOBILE’s Gully Squad Returns in 2023 with New Theme

Pakistan (Muhammad Yasir)

PUBG MOBILE (PUBGM), the world-renowned mobile battle royale game and Pakistan’s No. 1 video gaming platform, continues its unwavering commitment to campuses and PUBG players through its esteemed Gully Squad campaign. Over the years, PUBGM has been a catalyst for enabling, uplifting, and empowering students, and this tradition persists with the exciting Gully Squad initiative. This year’s campaign, themed “PlayToWinHearts” takes a new leap in empowering the youth and fostering a sense of camaraderie among students. Alongside the campaign, an engaging web-series is in the making, further emphasizing PUBG MOBILE’s dedication to the student community.

Since 2018, PUBG MOBILE has extended its empowering reach to over 20,000 students across more than 50 universities. Through dedication to fostering dreams, the platform has awarded a 1.3 CRORE Rupees in scholarships to over 400 deserving students. Additionally, the emergence of the Student Esports Team NBS onto the grand arena of the PUBG MOBILE National Championship (PMNC) reflects the platform’s commitment to elevating ambitions. In these challenging times, PUBG MOBILE remains steadfast, standing in solidarity with its community.

In previous years, Gully Squad magnificently merged virtual and real-world experiences. In 2021, the legendary cricketer Shoaib Akhtar collaborated with PUBGM, infusing healthy sportsmanship and competition into the eSports domain. 2022 saw the “Be the Hero” theme taking center stage, with the Markhor, Pakistan’s national animal, symbolizing empowerment and resilience. This initiative resonated deeply with the youth, encouraging them to be heroes both in the digital realm and reality.

Continuing this legacy in 2023, the campaign with its distinctive theme, is set to further solidify PUBG MOBILE’s role in empowering students and fostering a spirit of competition and growth. As always, the campaign aims to showcase the potential of young individuals, encouraging them to embrace their inner hero and make a lasting impact in the students gaming community and beyond.

Speaking about the initiative, Khawar Naeem, Country Head Pakistan, Tencent Games said, “Gully Squad is more than a campaign; it’s a movement that showcases the incredible power of unity. By bringing together individuals, friends, and teams, we are not only chasing dreams but creating a ripple effect of positive change. These themes have touched countless lives, inspiring gamers to become heroes in their own journeys.”

Aligned seamlessly with Gully Squad’s essence, the PUBG MOBILE Campus Challenge (PMCC) unfolds as an inspiring testament to nurturing potential leaders. Focused on university students, PMCC empowers participants to harness their inner strength, collaborate within their squads, and strive for excellence within the realm of the game and beyond. By fostering traits like teamwork, dedication, and strategic thinking, PMCC equips young minds with the skills needed to overcome challenges both in the virtual arena and the real world.