Sehat Kahani has teamed up with KE

Caring for Those Who Power the Nation: KE Employees to Receive Enhanced Healthcare via Sehat Kahani Partnership.

Pakistan (Muhammad Yasir)  Sehat Kahani has teamed up with KE to provide improved healthcare and well-being support for KE employees. This collaboration will allow the employees to connect with 24/7 available general physicians within 60 seconds. Moreover, employees can conveniently book online appointments with specialists of their choice for personalized and specialized care. The employees will also benefit from electronic medical records and e-prescriptions.

The signing ceremony was held at the KE headquarters in Karachi and stands as a testament to the collaborative spirit between Sehat Kahani and KE.

Reflecting on this transformative partnership, Dr. Sara Saeed Khurram, the CEO of Sehat Kahani, remarked,“Recognizing employee well-being’s profound impact on organizational success, this strategic partnership with KE holds immense importance. Sehat Kahani believes in fostering a culture where health is prioritized, and this collaboration aligns seamlessly with our commitment to ensuring accessible and comprehensive healthcare for every individual.”

Furthermore, Dr. Iffat Zafar Aga, the COO of Sehat Kahani added,

“In joining hands with KE, we envision a transformative journey towards elevating healthcare accessibility. We anticipate a positive impact on the overall well-being of the workforce, as we introduce unlimited healthcare access, specialized care through virtual consultations, and a seamless healthcare experience. This collaboration sets the stage for a future where employee health is prioritized, contributing to a healthier, more engaged, and productive workforce within KE.”

Acknowledging the significance of this collaboration, Mr. Muhammad Rizwan Dalia, Chief People Officer of KE expressed,“We are continuously working on various fronts to improve the wellbeing of our employees. Providing 24/7 free healthcare access to our employees in collaboration with Sehat Kahani will not only ensure a healthier and motivated workforce but will also increase organizational efficiency and engagement.”

Furthermore, Sheraz Kashif, Chief Supply Chain Officer commented,

“The hassle in accessing healthcare usually results in delayed treatment which worsens the disease. The partnership with Sehat Kahani is going to solve this problem for our employees by making qualified doctors available to them in just a few clicks.”