SONY x TECNO – is this for real?

There is one such name, TECNO, Pakistan’s leading phone company, which has established itself over the past decade by consistently improving the quality of its products. Alongside enhanced quality, TECNO continually introduces its users to advanced technology, while maintaining the element of style in each product line. This commitment to quality, innovation, and design has been instrumental in TECNO’s success and popularity among consumers in Pakistan

Once again, the company sets a new standard with the latest CAMON 30 series. Beyond the eye-catching design and ultra-smart specs, they have redefined camera technology by collaborating with SONY, the biggest industry leader in imaging technology. Yes, you heard it right! The new CAMON 30 Series is using the Sony IMX890 Lens in its Pro and Premium version to achieve excellent low-light shooting effects. This collaboration not only highlights TECNO’s advancing capabilities but also underlines their dedication to providing their users with the best possible camera technology, letting them capture every moment with clarity and detail.

Consisting of four models: CAMON 30 Premier 5G, CAMON 30 Pro 5G, CAMON 30 5G, and CAMON 30, the new CAMON 30 Series provides an enhanced professional imaging experience, marking a new height in smartphone photography. This advancement is more than just a regular upgrade; it reflects TECNO’s years of hard work and its dedication to improving its patrons’ experiences by pushing the boundaries of innovation and creativity.

The Sony IMX890 1/1.56” sensor is a key component, allowing more light into the lens, which increases sensitivity, resulting in capturing every shot beautifully with clarity. Assisted by OIS, during the day, the 50MP ultra-high-definition lens captures every detail without missing a beat. At night, the industry-leading pixel fusion technology transforms the main camera lens into a night vision tool, recording all the details of the night without compromising the image quality. The f/1.88 aperture provides a better depth of field effect during the day and increases the amount of light entering at night, while simultaneously reducing noise in poor lighting environments. OIS optical anti-shake eliminates the shakiness when shooting at night by reducing motion blur for crisp and clear low-light shots.

With all these specifications, the TECNO CAMON 30 Series camera claims to outperform all the 200 MP cameras around the globe. This claim has been substantiated through various reviews, test shots, and awards. Moreover, the quality of the images taken with the 50MP camera speaks louder than any claim. Whether it’s a breathtaking scenic landscape, with its majestic mountains and tranquil waters, or a captivating portrait, capturing the depth of human emotion, each photo serves as a canvas for your artistic expression. The adjustments to any light conditions are evident in every shot taken by the CAMON 30 series.

In order to provide flagship imaging experience beyond still photography, the series also leverages the power of the Sony CXD5622GG Imaging Chip, achieving exceptional mobile videography to authentically capture the world’s beauty. It incorporates the industry’s first end-side FP16 floating-point computing, delivering an unmatched computing power of 4.6TFLOPS@FP16. It enables groundbreaking features, including Industry-First 4K 30fps Full-scene AI-NR HDR Video, overcoming traditional limitations in computing power to achieve high dynamic range, even in the most challenging lighting conditions. This technological advancement significantly expands the range of light and dark intensities captured in a single image, resulting in more accurate and detailed imaging. Additionally, the chip enables Dual Chips 4K Ultra-night Vision, utilizing a deep learning noise reduction algorithm to significantly reduce video noise, ensuring crystal-clear video. Moreover, it facilitates Dual Chips 4K Portrait Video, eradicating color noise by internally employing a 20-bit color range, allowing supremely realistic color saturation in portrait videos.

This latest addition to the TECNO family is undoubtedly set to become the top choice for photography enthusiasts, owing to its extraordinary features and stunning results. With the CAMON 30 Series, embarking on a career as a content creator, photographer, or videographer is now as simple as having a good phone in your hands. Moreover, for those who cherish capturing every single detail of their day to preserve memories for years without compromising on quality, the CAMON 30 Series is the real deal.